About Fakira

A Poet, A Yogi, A Writer & A Master

Fakira is a Master, Ayurvedic Guru, spiritual guide, motivator, poet & life coach living in Himalayas, India. He is inspiring lots of people in their practical life through his meditation techniques, mastery, life coaching & spiritual guidance. Thousands of people are getting a lot from his online & offline guidance & satsangs.

Fakira was born in a small village in foothills of Himalaya. He was very intelligent and intellect  since his childhood. He had many questions with him and he could visualise many things from past lives. He wanted to know about these visualisation and was always asking to his elders and teachers but no one could answer his queries. 

His real journey started when he lost his mother and all of these visualisation become more and more stronger. He quit his corporate job and started searching his questions. He travelled hundreds of ashrams and masters across India for his thirst. In 2017 that big explosion happened.


Our Trained Students


Lisa S.

Begginner Teacher

Merry C.

Advanced Teacher


Kaiz Z.

Poses Teacher

Our Yogis Say

Here are few of our Yogis saying few words about Fakira

I did online meditation training with Fakira and I can say he is the best meditation teacher on this planet having such a vast knowledge.

Marian Steve


Learning from Fakira is a very valuable experience and I could come to know about more traditional meditation and yoga practices. 

Jodi Watson


One of my friend recommended me to learn from Fakira and I have found that what he is teaching is so simple and straight. Thank you Fakira ji.

Travis Head

Advanced Practice