How To Hypnotise Someone?

How To Hypnotise Someone?

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Hypnotism or hypnosis is an interesting topic to discuss among common people. Normal people are very curious about hypnosis as they want to know what happens is hypnotism or how people gets hypnotised. In this article we will tell you the science behind hypnosis and how you can learn to hypnotise someone:

There are basically 2 types of hypnosis are used in this world.
1. Suggestion Based Hypnotism or Clinical Hypnotism
2. Energy Based Hypnotism or Spiritual Hypnotism

So, what is difference between suggestion based hypnotism and energy based hypnotism? You must be wondering with these names.But, yes there are many difference between suggestion based hypnotism and energy based hypnotism.

Suggestion Based Hypnotism-Clinical Based Hypnotism : This is very basic type of hypnosis and in this hypnosis a practitioner gives suggestion to client to get into the deeper layer of subconscious mind. For Example you must have seen some scenes in movies where a practitioner uses pendulam and move it around a client and given them suggestion to close eyes and so on. That is called clinical hypnosis and it has its limitations as it need attention of the client and also require lots of focus of the client. It has also limitations on the level of treatments.

Energy Based Hypnotism- Spiritual Hypnosis : Energy Based Hypnotism or Spiritual Hypnotism is a powerful and advanced technique of hypnotism. This technique is being used by many people to heal or support people without speaking a word and people can be hypnotised without speaking a word. Even hundreds of people can be hypnotised at once. For example you must have seen a gathering at spiritual place like Church, Temple or any Spiritual master’s satsang. There are many people gather with their problems but as soon as they enter into the premise, their psychology changes. Why is it so? I’s just because of the energy hypnotism. We all can use energy hypnotism and this energy is given to all of us. Fakira ji has learnt these techniques from many masters at many places and he has trained many thousand people in spiritual hypnosis. You can WhatsApp +919466020005 to learn spiritual hypnosis online from him.

So there are 2 types of hypnosis used for many purposes but most powerful hypnosis is Spiritual hypnosis in which there are no suggestion and you can hypnotise people without telling them and without giving any suggestion.

We hope you will like this basic information on hypnotism. We will bring more topics on this subject in future.

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