Online Ayurveda Teacher Training




Ayurveda (the science of Life) is one of the ancient medical systems from India. Recently, Ayurveda is receiving accolades from medical practitioners from around the world for its in-depth understanding of how to heal from the root of illness, rather than working on prevention of symptoms. UN and WHO recognize Ayurveda an authentic medical system and many governments around the world, including USA, recognize Ayurveda as a complimentary therapy for legal and insurance purposes. Many people who tried Ayurveda Therapies from authentic places, can vouchsafe the efficacy of Ayurveda, beyond any theoretical doubts.

More than massages and therapies, Ayurveda is a vast science of living a Life in tune with Mother Nature and to let the Nature take care of the body! Ayurveda can help us in deciding the right diet, life style changes, and psychological attitude towards our body, which are at the root of all medical problems.

Ayurveda education provided in Ayurveda colleges is meant for doctors who need to spend three to five long years to study, all the Sanskrit works and train to be professional doctors. Ayurveda resorts and hospitals in Kerala, Goa and other parts of India, where one can try Ayurveda courses / therapies, do not explain or teach the underlying knowledge behind this great science of life.

One can also learn about Ayurveda from media/online and can even buy the Ayurvedic medicines online or over the counter!
However, they don’t work as they promise as the quality of factory produced Ayurvedic medicines are doubtful. Without proper diagnosis, based on physical and mental constitution, and appropriate diet & lifestyle changes, oral medication may not show its effect!


So, Fakira ji  has decided to develop short term ayurveda courses with training and certification for common people to apply ayurveda in their daily lifestyle.

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Pancha Maha Bhootas (Five elements) and their qualities
  • Tridoshas viz. Vata, Pitaa and Kapha
  • Doshas and their physical and psychological properties
  • 6 tastes and connection to doshas
  • Seasons and Doshas
  • Analysis of the dosha
  • Different foods and properties
  • Some Important Herbs and properties
  • Dina Charya (Ayurvedic daily routine)
  • Medicines in Ayurveda
  • Trigunas viz. Satva, Rajas and Tamas
  • Effect of Gunas on food
  • Connection of Gunas and Doshas and their application to daily life
  • Introduction to Pancha Karma
  • Theory of Shat Kriyas of Yoga
  • Pancha Karma vs Shat Kriyas
  • Ayurvedic cooking