Online Telepathy Training




What you’ll learn

  • By the end of the course you will be able to increase your telepathic skills using self hypnosis, affirmations and psychic power
  • You will be able to reduce stress, depression , insomnia and negativity using powerful self hypnosis, psychic power and affirmations
  • You will feel more relaxed and happy by the end of the course and increase your telepathic skills
  • You will be able to practice telepathy on others and also be able to send emotions and positive energy to your partner
  • You will also learn various myths about self hypnosis and how conscious and sub conscious mind works.


    In this course titled ‘Psychic Power : Psychic Power- Develop Your Telepathic Skills’ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn –

    Telepathy is one of the most beautiful Psychic Powers. Telepathy is made of two words – Tele and Pathy where Tele means Distance and Pathy means feelings. Telepathy can be stated as direct communication between minds.

    This course is designed to help people who want to enhance their psychic powers and develop Telepathic Skills. In this lesson, you will learn the most common example of telepathy and about telepathy.

    This course is ideal for everyone who want to increase and improve their telepathic skills ,psychic powers , gut feeling , intuitions and sixth sense using very powerful self hypnosis techniques and psychic exercises. It is also very useful for magicians , tarot card readers, hypnotists , healers etc for fun , fame and profit

    By the end of the course you will be more psychic, telepathic and intuitive than before and achieve more success in your life by trusting your intuitions.

    Also learn the myths about self hypnosis and how to use your conscious and subconscious mind more effectively.

    This course contains a lot of telepathic exercises and more than 35 minutes of live video content designed 8 lectures , Bonus audio file and E-book on positive affirmations..

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is for everyone who would love to enjoy the telepathic skills and want to enjoy their day to day life using these skills
    • This course is for everyone who want to improve and increase their telepathic skills for fun, fame and profit. It is ideal for hypnotists , healers , Reiki practitioners and magicians
    • Age group 16 and above