Many people around the world are facing many types of skin problems. This skin problems are of many type like eczema, psyorsis, itching, ringworms and rashes.As per my experience skin problems can never be cured 100% in allopathy.medicines. Allopathic medicines can help just to cover up the disease but when you quit allopathic medicines these diseases occurs again. So today I will tell you best ayurvedic medicine of ayurveda which will help you to cure your any type of skin problem.Before I tell you about medicine, let me tell you main reasons of skin problem:

1) Toxic Blood:

Toxic blood is one of the main reason of skin problem.If in past we have eaten toxic food that simply means that it will make our blood toxic too and if our blood is toxic, there are 100% chances, our skin will get many types of problems. Blood has very deep impact on our body and that’s why in India we have put so much emphasis on blood purification. In ancient times we used to advice NEEM TREE’s leaves juice early morning for atleast 21 days. Neem tree is anti biotic and helps to cleanse the problems of blood and this is how people used to get cured for free from all types of skin problems.

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2) Junk Food:

Junk food is one of the main reason of bad skin or skin issue. You must be wondering how food can effect your skin but let me tell you this is one of the biggest reason. When we eat junk food, which contains many types of toxins never get settled in our stomach and produce many types of allergic chemicals and our body can’t digest those harmful chemicals and eventually these harmful toxin puts their impact on our body and this is how we get skin disease.

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3) Stomach/Digestion Problem

I have seen most of people don’t care about their stomach and they keep on eating without listening to their stomach.Stomach is one of the most important part of our body and if our stomach is unhealthy, there are 100%chances that you will get many kind of problems.You must give enough rest to your digestion system to function properly. Let me give you an example of a motorbike or car. Imagine you are continuously ride your motorbike or car and never give it a rest. Your motorbike or car will burst soon. Same way our body is a machine and if we will not give it enough rest then it will start bursting from inside and eventually we will get skin problems or skin disorders.So try to give rest to your stomach as often as you can.

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4) Skin problem from Parents: In many case its being observed that many people get skin disease from their parents or we call it genetic problem. In that case it is very important to keep above given points in mind because these points can help you have a disease free skin. In those case you must be very very careful.

Treatment Of Skin Problem: 

There are many treatment available in  ayurveda and trust me ayurveda can heal skin problems from root.

Neem Giloy Tulsi Plus Ras: 

FIRST BRAND TO USE NEEM-GROWN GILOY: We are the first brand to use Giloy that grows on neem trees since it is more bitter and efficacious as it combines with neem’s medicinal properties as well. The active compounds in Giloy stem activates the cells that fight the illness-causing germs. Compounds in Tulsi can improve the immune response to viral attacks, keeping incidences of sickness under check. Giloy and Tulsi are scientifically-proven herbs that are popularly known for immunity.

ANTI-ALLERGENIC SUPPORT: Giloy stem is known to reduce symptoms of allergies like sneezing, running nose, nose congestions etc. Having Tulsi Giloy juice daily helps keep cold/cough/runny nose at bay. Giloy is a renowned hypoglycemic agent; it helps keep sugar levels in control. Regular consumption of the juice has a calming effect on your body and keeping every day fatigue under check.

POWER OF WILD TULSI + NEEM GILOY: Unlike other giloy juices, our Giloy is grown organically on neem trees to incorporate the medicinal benefits of neem as well. We cut only the hard, matured stems because they have maximum nutrition. Sign of maturity is if the stem has other stems coming out of it. We use freshly cut leaves of Wild Tulsi plant, which is free of the urban pollutants. The juice is extracted from Tulsi leaves and Giloy stems, mixed in a ratio which gives maximum health benefits.

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Herbal Tea:

Himalayan Brew Herbal Tea , a Complete Body Purifiying drink ….manufactured after a deep Research n testing by our qualified Doctors , with a aim to bring out a Body cleanser drink that protects our body from diseases , & provides overall immunity to fight against viruses that harm the body . Tale a sip of this wellness drink . Made out of selected & refined Quality Herbal Ingredients gifted by nature – * it improves Immunity * Purifies Blood  * Fights infection & viruses* promotes Weight loss* Improves Digestion * cleanses Respiratory system * Helpful in Daibetes n thyroid * Energises body & keeps it active.

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I hope this blog on skin problems will resolve many of your problems on skin issues. If you still have any question you can always mail to me on [email protected]

Thank you.